VIP Transport Inc. provides optimum care while handling your automobile. With years of experience, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is in capable hands.  With our enclosed vehicle transport system using hydraulics, you never have to worry about your low clearance vehicle getting caught on a ramp. 


VIP Transport Inc. offers a vehicles storage facility that provides all types of car owners a safe and secure environment to store their automobiles. We are conveniently located less than 10 miles from highway 485 and the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Tenants have scheduled access to their vehicles and with one convenient phone call or request, we can have your vehicle ready for departure.

Transport Preparation Guidelines

Do not fill the gas tank.
Only 1/4 tank of gas is necessary for transit.

Check your antifreeze levels.
If you are shipping a vehicle from a warm climate to a cold climate, be sure it has a sufficient amount of antifreeze.  This will protect it from the cold weather.
Secure loose items in the vehicle.
Storing personal items in vehicles is strongly discouraged. However, if there are any loose items in the vehicle, be  sure to secure them. We are not responsible for damages to, or caused by, the loose items in the vehicle.

Disable all alarm systems. 
Although alarm systems should be disabled, please inform us of any alarms and provide instructions for operating  the alarm should it be necessary.
Check tire pressure. 
Tires should be inflated to their recommended pressure level to insure safe loading and unloading.

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